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Who We Are

JanSAN Company is an independent, bonded corporation since 2010. We are proudly 100% Owned and Operated out of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.


What We Do

JanSAN offers more than 20 years of experience supporting our services in General Maintenance Contracting across all sectors of Northern Alberta and beyond.

We service many important fields of Industry within our region. We service for Health, Safety, Efficiency, Innovation and the Environment.


Fields of Expertise

Industrial & Mechanical Environments

• Executive & Office Administration 


Warehousing/Logistical Facilities

Health & Education

The Environment & You

Environmentally Conscious Business Practices & Procedures

We have the utmost respect for Mother Nature in all her beauty and incorporate that into our business model.

“Green” certified supply, equipment and operational materials are always a consideration for our services to our clients.  


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JanSAN Company Inc.

PO Box 30403 RPO Clearwater, Fort McMurray, AB, T9H 0B8

(780) 838-8363

Hours of Operation

Rain, Shine, Sleet, Snow, Fire, Flood

Day, Night

We are available 24/7 - 365

Email: info@ajss.ca

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JanSAN Company Inc. is proudly aboriginally founded and operated in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. 

Metis Nation Of Alberta - One of the three recognized aboriginal nations of Canada.

Active member of the ROABA Community.