Facilities Maintenance Service

Facilities Janitorial Cleanse & Sanitation Schedules



•Common Areas cleansed and sanitized as per client appointed frequency.

•Daily Restroom specific care and sanitation.

•Collection & Disposal of Recycle/Refuse material.

•High Dusting & Vertical Surfaces

•Touch Surface Sanitation

•Interior Windows

Building Operations Monitoring & Management



•Facilities utility function monitoring and maintenance co-ordination. 

•Operational monitoring checklists created and customized for client specific detail

• Maintenance needs sub-contracted through certified service vendors

•Data Collection and Reporting for archival reference.

Seasonal Exterior Facilities Services for Building and Infrastructure



•Washing of Exterior Vertical Surfaces

•Exterior Windows Washing

•Seasonal Walks and Grounds Upkeep and Maintenance


•Snow Removal

More Skills for Satisfaction

Floor Care Programs


In addition to our standard cleaning services, we can customize a premium floor care program for your facility that will keep your floors looking spectacular and inviting.

Carpet Maintenance


High Pressure soil extraction for your rugs On Demand, or can be built into a Planned Maintenance schedule that fits the needs in your dense traffic areas.

Cleaning Equipment Rentals


Are you the Do-It-Yourself type? Ask us for a quote.